CSI: Neverland Auditions:

Will be held in early February -date to be announced soon - at Dream Barn for ages 7-14.

Rehearsals will start in March and the show will be in mid-May.

This show is not a musical so you do not need to prepare a song for the auditions. Auditions will consist of reading lines and a small dance combo to learn for the purpose of determining coordination and flexibility to determine casting levels.

If you are cast there is a tuition of $100, we do offer siblings discounts and can work out payment plans. Do not let the tuition deter you, please contact us. 

 CSI meets Neverland in this marvelous merger of comedic mayhem. Murk and Tinker, Fairy Forensics Officers, are investigating the mysterious murder of Peter Pantaloon's shadow. Their prime suspect is Head Librarian Brenda Brooks who despises Seuss, Hogwarts, giant peaches, and the boy who refuses to grow up. As Peter clearly laments the loss of his shadow, they whisk Brenda away for questioning and throw her in a lineup with the infamous Captain Sharp. Meanwhile, Tink pays the Lab Rats a visit only to discover that the culprit could quite possibly be the crocodile. When Tink finally meets up with croc's family, she discovers that the croc couldn't have committed the murder because the croc died from eating one too many dinghys and a poisonous Red Herring. When Murk and Tinker persuade Captain Sharp's girlfriend, Penelope Moppins, to go undercover after Captain Sharp, Brenda Brooks makes a startling discovery...Peter Pantaloon's shadow was maliciously murdered by Neverland's poisonous Red Herring. She also rediscovers love and a love for reading the classics.

We will be auditioning for Rock of Ages in January - ages 16-23 and then we will hold auditions in February for CSI: Neverland - ages 7-14.

See below for more information. 

Upcoming Auditions

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Rock of Ages auditions:

January 2 & January 3, start at 6:30pm at Dream Barn Productions for ages 16-23. 

****UPDATE: you only need to attend one of the audition days. We are doing an open audition call this time so everyone will report at 6:30pm. I would plan on 2 hours for the audition. Parents can drop you off and return between 8:30-9pm. 

Audition will consist of singing, dancing, and lines. We provide the lines and will teach you a dance combo, you bring the song. Prepare a rock song that best showcases your voice. 

This is a rock musical so we are looking for actors that are comfortable with this style of music. The script has mature content, anyone under 18 will need parental consent to participate. Mature scripts give us the opportunity to train actors at a higher, more intense level than other productions in the area. 

The show will be July 28-30 and rehearsals will start in mid-May. If you are cast there is a tuition fee of $125. We can work out payments. 

Show synopsis and list of roles can be found on our Facebook page or you can email us requesting the information. If you would like to receive the audition form before the audition, so you can complete it ahead of time, please email us at dreambarnproductions@gmail.com 

You will also need to bring any conflicts that you are aware of to the audition. This show requires a strong commitment, missing 3 rehearsals can mean being removed from the cast. Our blackout period, meaning no misses, starts July 8th. 

ROCK OF AGES Book by Chris D’Arienzo Arrangements and Orchestrations by Ethan Popp
“Rock of Ages” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

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