(Holiuday Cabaret 2015)

Terrific show! Lots of laughs and a really fun afternoon. Great job, everyone!

(RENT July 2015)

Excellent job yesterday. You did so many things well it would be silly to try to list them all but three things that stand out the most were: Presence, It is hard, even with seasoned veterans, to get actors that close to an audience and be comfortable, it takes a certain amount of courage to get that close, you all did it with no apparent hesitation. Ensemble, the way you guys worked together was admirable to watch, it was apparent at the end of the show how much you loved your characters, working together and the show itself. Secondary movement, the movement of the cast that is not the focus of the scene, was very good without taking away from the scene itself. Its hard to direct and even harder to act. Great individual performances aside its the three things listed above that complete a show, push a show from being a good show to being a great show and it was a great show. All of these things require not only great leadership from your Director, but the courage to put your faith in your directors hands. Great Job - Thank you for a memorable performance……Tim Benjamin, March Hare Productions

we were so impressed with the quality of the show and the variety of ages and area youth working together for such a great result at Dream Barn! She hopes to be involved in the future productions! Bravo!

Dream Barn Productions is such a great experience that really helps improve your acting, singing, and theatre skills.. I've enjoyed every experience I've had with these kids and I hope I have a lot more! Defy Ordinary!

(Beauty & the Beast 2014)

It's so much fun working with dream barn!!! Can't wait for another show today! And hopefully to do more plays with them in the future

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