What to expect at the audition


The audition will consist of voice, lines, and dance.

Prepare (ahead of time) 30 seconds to 1-minute of a song of your choice. We will teach you a short dance combo for the audition. You will also read lines from the script.

Straight Plays (Non-musicals):

The audition will consist of reading lines. 

For most plays we will provide lines from the script for you to read. If we require you to prepare a monologue it will be indicated in the audition sign up information. (some plays also add a dance element, the audition announcement will let you know if this is expected. If dance is added we will teach you a short dance combo at the audition.) 

Auditions and casting information

I was cast!....Now what?


Congratulations! Welcome to our amazing family.

Please review your cast welcome email, paying careful attention to all dates, times, and fees. It is important to check your email regularly as we communicate via email. At anytime contact us if you have any questions. 

Once you accept your role you have made the decision to be committed to the show and your cast, you have also committed to paying your tuition. Tuition is non-refundable. We will often break tuition into two payments, please pay careful attention to tuition due dates. We are self-sufficient theater company so each show pays for itself. If you do not pay your tuition timely we are not able to purchase items needed for the show like sets, props, costumes, etc. We are currently building our Barn Stars program to be able to offer tuition assistance to those that need it. Do not let tuition deter your from joining our family -always reach out to us to confidentially discuss options.  

Start spreading the word to everyone you know! You will want them to save the date of your grand performance and know when to order tickets. Most shows take place at our Black Box theater and seating is limited. 

Castings decisions

All casting decisions are final. We will not discuss why certain people were cast in certain roles or why they weren't. Please respect casting decisions. 

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